Is there an invisible life force? How do we know it is there? Where do we find it?

Extraordinary events take place continuously in our environment that can help us investigate this. As the past and future flood our minds, the present can be lost. And it is in those crucial moments of the present that we find our link to the place where are feet are planted, to the universe, to our agelessness. The present happens very slowly, with enormous silent power.

What I hope to create represents those present moments in my time and space that have brought me into a sense relationship with what is near, as well as with the universe. I come to this place most often outdoors. My work reflects what I find there, how I sensate it. Repetition and similarity of shapes, colors, forms, and textures.  Astounding connections. Amazing life forms that communicate.

I’ve worked in knotted fibers for 12 years, in love with the small, the very intimate. Now, I am expanding into a mix of materials and techniques that translate my story in new ways.

I like to combine paper and fibers with metals, plastic, wood. I use my computer to research, manipulate, and print images. I make stamps and collect objects for mark making. I use inks and acrylics as well as charcoal and colored pencil. I create a book documenting each series.